"The world in which we evolve a need for the designer to aspire to a better world, for the current and future generation. " 
Latamene Kacimi is a product designer from Bordeaux. He designs prototypes of products in the fashion and furniture sector (accessories, innovative appliances...).
 His work is to ensure the choice of shapes, colors and materials of an idea. 
He likes to develop the durability of the objects he invents, and especially their possibility to be recycled. He attaches great importance to emotions during his creative phase. 
Each stroke is accompanied by sensations, movement of the body and mind. Also a follower of biomimicry, he is inspired by the natural environment to give organic forms to his objects. 
Starting from a problem or a need, he finds a solution and realizes a digital/numeric/virtual prototype. (3D Design, Plan...) Brands/companies call on him to order prototypes, before producing them themselves.
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